Welcome to TheOdds.Website to join in the ultimate investigation exploring if Jesus of Nazareth is the Messiah, the Son of God.

Investigative information on TheOdds.Website is concisely presented in a manner that is intended to be more easily understood by the average person. Based on the concept that each person should choose what to believe – not told what to be believe – each Post article ends with a question.

No one should blindly accept information without verifying the source. For that reason, references to sources are provided throughout each Post to support the information being provided.

About 800 sources and growing have been referenced in the investigative information reflected in these Posts. The Internet’s worldwide web has made it possible to gain access to information that would otherwise not be available to anyone on this scale.

Works of antiquity, historical documents, manuscripts, and rare books housed in world-renowned libraries; research documents archived by institutions of higher education; analysis by experts, historians, scientific and medical sources, many of whom host their own websites – all are increasingly available to anyone on the web.

Sources can be found in the footnotes/endnotes of each blog with active/clickable URL links. Many links are archived making it a continuing effort to keep them updated. If a URL link is non-working, sometimes it is related to a change in the address of the website; however, the information may still available via an Internet Search by author, title, etc. Some Internet links are no longer available because the content information has been used in a published book or because a membership is now required.

Within a Post article, underlined words in green font contain 1-click, embedded URLs linking directly to other related articles, often with additional details, that appear only within TheOdds.Website, never to external sources. URLs highlighted with blue font within a Post article as well as the unhighlighted URLs within footnotes/endnotes, almost without exception, link directly to the online information source.

The investigation is so fascinating, often eye-opening, it does not seem fair not to share the findings. Check it out!

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