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Following can be accomplished in several ways. Links are embedded in the Social Media icons located in the upper right corner of this website:   Tumlir and WordPress. Instructions on how to follow Posts are each listed farther down this web page.

FaceBook and Twitter options no longer appear on TheOdds.Website due to their unqualified, arbitrary censorship policies. Topics, posts or viewpoints are being censored at the discretion of an unknown, undisclosed censorship team or person, even suspending or closing an account without warning. Topics related to God, the Bible, religion, etc., such as this website, are at risk of being censored in similar fashion. Rather than being reactive to such censorship, proactive actions have been taken by giving readers alternative options to follow Posts.

Censorship of the Talmud, the Bible and other literature occurred during the medieval and Renaissance period of history. The repercussions are still a factor hundreds of years later to this very today.

Tumblr instructions:

  1. Click on the “t” Social Media icon in the upper corner of this webpage
  2. Log in to Tumbler.
  3. Find the box “Follow” in the upper right corner of the web page.
  4. Click Follow.

WordPress instructions to receive an email every time a new Post is added

  1. Click on the “W” Social Media icon in the upper right corner of this web page
  2. Click on the URL link:> Manage Followed Sites and follow the instructions.